jueves, 7 de octubre de 2010

Som trascendentals... aquí teniu la lletra de la nostra primera obra èpica, The Viking Hamsters in the Maians Island

Així com el nom del grup es va forjar en un bar enmig de cerveses i rialles, diambulant entre la desproporció dels òrgans genitals del Nyoki, el hàmster de la meva germana, i els més que qüestionats orígens vikings de l'estirp dels Grangel, de que sempre fa honor el meu pare, també allí es va començar a cuinar una llegenda: la llegenda de la Illa de Maians. Ningú em va creure quan vaig començar a explicar que Barcelona en el passat havia tingut una illa... de fet sovint invento o magnifico històries, per aixó treure sense venir al cas que Barcelona en el passat tenia una illa, era inverosímil per a la majoria dels presents. Inclós em van arribar a acusar de posar continguts a la Wikipèdia al respecte per si buscaven informació a internet. Altres coneixem el llibre de Quim Monzó...

La qüestió, si ajuntes les illes, els hàmsters, els vikings i un viatje de Road Movie que vam fer l'Albert i jo de BCN a Albí amb la corresponent tornada, i finalment hi poses una mica d'imaginació, el més normal és que t'apareguin uns hàmsters vikings que seran els teus companys de viatje en una sèrie d'aventures apassionants on l'espai, el temps, la realitat i la ficció no tindran massa definides les seves fronteres. Així vaig escriure (amb l'ajut de l'Albert i les correccions de l'Oliver) aquest relat surrealista, que podreu escoltar el 6 de novembre en viu a Les Cotxeres de Sants. Espero que ho pogueu digerir!!! La música, pràcticament tota composada per l'Albert, amb alguna aportació que altre de la resta de la banda. Gaudiu-la!

Sergi Grangel. Baixista de The Viking Hamsters


We traveled for such a long time,
Every move we made etched into our minds.
…..........               And before we knew the time
had come............... for us to return.

Within the shadows of the night,
The car began to stall,
………….the end was nigh
there was no one.…......... there was no help. 

And in the middle of nowhere
nothing ahead and we were so tired
But shining through the forest
We saw …..  a light up on a hill.

That old house was not too far away,
We only need to climb º
……the top of that hill,…..we chose to spend
……the night  there.

Before us an ancient door,
It swings open and leads to more.
A frozen breath from within
With no way to return,
With no choice but to go on.

Only the darkness was inside,
Fear  and doubt down upon us.
A magic halo
began to glow.

Within our minds a young girl´s voice did speak
'Lift me from this nightmare of hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'
No time to react…
…we were blinded by the light

For a while (we lost)  
the feeling of our time  (When we)
opened up our eyes (we saw)
everything had changed  (Now)
Where were we??(The sunlight)
crossed a painted glass.(And )
a door was behind (us)
But now it had changed
It welcomed our steps.
We began to see the truth

Suddenly we heard a cry come from the room next door
We searched and found a heartbroken girl on the wall

“What's happening to you?” no answer from that girl
Seemed as though she couldn’t hear a word from us “What´s going on?”

Soooooooomething told us we must leave
weee quickly crossed the rooms to the front door

Aaaaaaand outside we found a surprise!
Everything had changed, like we were in another time…

Some other place..
Some other universe

Now where were we? 
No forest, no highway no broken car
The coast was now very close to us
But we knew
All things had changed
But something familiar was in the air
Like we were in the past
Some memory from before… Or Maybe we were… in… the past!

Let’s go to the sea,
 to find the way,
 to come back home!!!
May we find a clue,
 may we find the truth
 or may we never return!!
Runing tired
to the sea (Looking for)
an answer there

Keeping hope of returning


As we set foot upon the coast
a mysterious fog did appear
Hiding ghastly shapes within it´s waters

Wraiths of fear tore down from the sky

Filled with hatred as they gazed upon us
We ran, blood pounding through our veins
The only escape was in the depths ahead

With vigor they sought us and it seemed the end
But as we drowned under the tides
The shapes ahead revealed themselves

An ancient isle filled with ruin
It´s splendor replaced with blood and bones
A fitting fate to end our days
The wraiths had arrived

Monstrous forms from the abyss
 The creatures smelt our blood
They surrounded us
We picked up stones….ready to fight

But what happened!!!

When the monsters rushed towards us
A immense crash came from behind
A Viking vessel landing on the shore

saxon warriors leapt overboard
and came towards us
axes swinging at all in their path

What madness is this?
yet these warriors saved our lives
and at the close of battle

one warrior stared at us

“What are you?” He said
with his rodent face
“We are humans....we are not from this place“
“You will join us against these vile foes!”

“This isn't our war, but if they are filled with hatred for all,
And if they will stop then nothing nothing at all. Then we must help you These are my best viking hamsters, they will follow you”

To find our way,
to find our path  home”
To find our path

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  1. Crec que no s'oblidarà mai aquella nit a Gràcia

  2. Yeah! I com veus, hi ha moltes coses que queden a l'aire en la història... to be continued... Molt aviat hi haurà sorpreses!